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With Local, stop juggling your appointments across the city. We handle the travel logistics, letting you focus on earning more. Set your travel limits, and either book your appointments yourself or let your clients book through your custom Local link.

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Powerful features to help you navigate your workday

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Visualize Your Day With Map View

Easily track your confirmed appointments with our map view feature. Designed for service providers, this tool pins each booked appointment on an interactive map, letting you quickly understand your day's geographic flow. This enables you to mentally prepare for travel and activities, freeing you to focus on delivering excellent service.

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Automated Geographically Aware Scheduling

Eliminate the hassle of manually coordinating appointments. Our intelligent algorithm factors in the service provider's and client's locations, along with travel constraints, to automatically suggest optimal appointment slots. This feature ensures that service providers can maximize their working hours without exceeding their travel limits, while clients get the benefit of conveniently located appointments.

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Multi-Dimensional Data Analytics

Take control of your business data with our multi-dimensional analytics dashboard. Dive deep into key performance indicators (KPIs) such as client acquisition, appointment density, and service provider efficiency. Filter, sort, and visualize the data to uncover valuable insights that can help steer your business in the right direction.

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Personalized Booking Page

Create a personalized booking page letting your current and potential clients know all about you and the services you offer. With an intuitive user interface, your clients can easily select services, choose appointment slots, and secure their bookings with just a few clicks.

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